Welcome To Tough Cookie Training

Our trainers at Tough Cookie Training are dedicated to perfecting the performance and increasing the endurance of the everyday athlete."

What We Offer

Group Indoor Cycling

Improving cardio endurance through an hour long cycling class.  Taking you through sprints, hill climbs and recovery runs to decrease body- fat through high intensity cardio training, along with increasing your lactic acid threshold to help the everyday athlete recover faster.

Group Strength Training

Each member will have access to reserve sessions through the Tough Cookie Training APP, strength training programs, personal access to Tough Cookie Trainers, monthly clinics, strength and conditioning workout plans, gate, stride and lactic acid threshold analysis, monthly strength training test, and support from nutritional guidance to help maximize clients endurance performance. 

To track each clients progress, monthly measurements will be take of  either body-fat, weight, circumference or strength measurements.

Personal Training

Training for an event you have never tried before and want to connect one on one with a trainer who can personally customize your journey.   One on one training sessions are available to everyday athletes who are ready to personalize the next step in their journey.

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