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What We Offer

Group Indoor Cycling

A fun class where you climb, sprint and dance your way to burning calories.

Our indoor cycling class or spin class is a fun class where you climb, sprint and dance your way to burning calories.

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Group Strength Training


Our strength training classes not only provide you a friendly environment to help you get stronger but you will have fun doing it too.

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Personal Training


Want to get the most out of your workout? Personal Training is for you. Our expert staff will provide you workouts that are specially made for you. Couples welcome!

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Discover More About Tough Cookie Training

Meet Our Trainers

Learn more about the original Tough Cookies and what inspired them to dedicate their lives to helping people find strength through fitness.

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Learn About Our Classes

Looking to start a strength training program?  Inspired to up your cardio endurance with a high intensity cycle class?  Or would you like to hit all the workout points at once and try our 75 minute hybrid class? 

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Take a look at our single session pricing.  Research our monthly memberships and find out if a package of classes fits your schedule.

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Photo Album of Current Tough Cookies

Take a look at some Tough Cookies in action and read some reviews of our trainers, classes and personal training. 

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Special Events and Workshops

Find out how you can learn more than just sweating and lifting.  Learn how you can incorporate not just the physical but the mental aspect of what it means to be a Tough Cookie.

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1518 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California 91502, United States



Monday - Friday: Personal Training sessions available 8 AM- 5 PM 

Saturday - Sunday: Personal Training sessions available 10:30 AM- 3 PM  

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