About Our Clinics Workshops & Events

It’s not always about sweating and grinding. Sometimes it’s about listening and learning, taking time to recover and focus more on what happens outside oif the gym.. Tough Cookie Trainers and guest speakers impart a wealth of knowledge and information during our weekend workshops and clinics (free for monthly members), and provide hands-on opportunities for our members to focus and practice on newfound  skills.  Workshops range from: stretching and recovery, to how nutritional guidance can negatively and positively affect your workout to workout time management.  Each clinic is used to perfect the performance of the everyday endurance athlete.

When Do They Take Place

Our clinics take once a month on the weekend.  Lasting for about 60 minutes, Tough Cookie trainers will cover topics in the fitness industry ranging from nutrition to cognitive behavior, TRX and specialty workouts.  Look under the upcoming events to reserve your spot for the next informative clinic.