Anton Agulia

NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, 

Master Trainer Level 

USATF Level Coach 

Spinning Certified Instructor 

Les Mills CXWorx Certified Instructor 

I have been an active person for most of my life until I hit my late 20’s, at which point I took my health and fitness for granted. During those years, I wobbled on the scale at over 200 lbs and found simple tasks like taking the stairs or running across the street much too challenging. But I also knew that it will only get worse as I get older, so I decided to transform myself, and it starts with changing my lifestyle. After my successful transformation, I realized that I wanted to help other people transform their lives as well. I made another crucial life-changing decision to become a professional life-changer myself. Few things in life are as fulfilling as being a part of a life changing process, and each client I help, each member I change changes me just as much.

Rachel Guess

NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Spinning Instructor

POP Pilates Instructor

Sandbell Instructor

CPR/ AED Certified

My name is Rachel Guess, you might also know me as “tough cookie,” a nick- name that was given to me by my dad when I was a kid. 

I was always running around outside, riding horses, trying desperately to keep a beat in dance class, and running around my grandmother’s ranch. 

I soon found that my abundant physical energy lead me to a small and short sports career, playing volleyball and softball through Jr. High and High school. 

Me and physical activity never got along as a kid.  It was looked at as a way to punish my body or desperately and frantically lose weight.  It was never something I really enjoyed.  Working out was normally accompanied with a variety of eating disorders and a negative self image. 

It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I discovered running is a passion of mine and weightlifting was some thing that I actually enjoyed!

The nickname “tough cookie” soon took on a whole new meaning.  I found out through fitness that I could become tougher than my last workout, stronger than my negative thoughts and excuses, be a better and happier person than I was yesterday. 

Fitness is a passion that I hold close to my heart.  I saw how it helped so many people find their inner strength and it was about six years ago I decided to make it my passion and my career. 

I look forward to working with you through your fitness journey, helping you find the meaning to your inner Tough Cookie!