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Group Strength Training


In unity there is strength.  At Tough Cookie Training, you don't have to bear the burned alone.  Our members push, pull, press and lift heavy weights, functional training tools, as well as each other.  Every rep, every set, every drop of sweat goes towards a common goal; to become tougher, stronger and better.  To become a Tough Cookie.

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Group Cycling


Sprint or climb.  On the saddle, or off the saddle.  Low RPM or high RPM.  Cycle is high intensity interval training as its purest.  Our cycle classes combine the calorie- torching elements of cardio training with the muscle- packing benefits of resistance training, all in a controlled, traffic- free environment while safely sweating to your favorite tracks.

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Personal Training


At Tough Cookie Training each person is unique, each member has a special need, everyone of us has a personal goal.  Whether it's losing those stubborn pounds to fit into that wedding dress, or to sculpt that physique that will turn heads on your next beach trip, or just to keep that same spark so you can keep up with the little ones, Tough Cookie Training has the right trainer with the right program designed for you. 

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Group Hybrid Classes

Take a look into a special 75 minute hybrid class Tough Cookie offers.  Challenging your strength and cardio endurance, this special 75 minute session takes you from a warm up on the bike, to a challenging timed strength session, to back on the bike for another great ride!  This repeats for three rounds to leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day!